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Fireplace Accessories
fireplace accessories
Decorative fireback
gas fireplace logs
log holder
fireplace gloves
fireplace candelabras
fireplace screen & tool sets
Fireplace Accessories

For hauling and safety, you'll need log carriers, decorative spark screens, and a pair of rugged fireplace gloves.
Finally, top off your accessories with a romantic candelabra.  Turn down the lights, and winter can be quite cozy indeed.
Decorative Firebacks
Firebacks are designed to protect the back fireplace wall and to radiate more heat into the room. Our decorative Firebacks are made of the highest quality cast-iron.  They can be leaned against the firewall, or placed in a pair of Fireback holders to integrate a Fireback with a fireplace grate. The Fireback, Large or Small Fire Back holders, and grate make a beautifully practical, interior hearth hardware set. The Great Oak Fireback always features the current year. Other years can be special ordered,check for pricing and availability.
Hargrove Gas Logs
Hargrove Gas Fireplace Logs create a realistic fire, complete with glowing embers, simply by striking a match and turning on a valve. All gas logs from Hargrove carry a lifetime warranty against breakage. Accessories and metal parts come with a two year warrantee.  The handsome "this must be real wood" Seasone Split Oak set is so authentic, it's hard to tell it from the real thing.
Lennox Products
Everybody recognizes the name Lennox from their fine line of home heating and air conditioning products, but to home owners, they are just as respected for their Hearth Products.  
Their catalog is too massive to include on this site, so we link to their corporate site for shopping purposes.  
Monessen Fireplaces @ Stan's
Beauty is as beauty does, and Monessen does very well indeed, effortlessly blending elegance and function.  With comprehensive sizing and installation information available, they are a breeze to order and set up.  As always, you should consult a chimney repair and installation professional (such as Stan) before disturbing the brick and board of your home.  There are safety and code requirements to be carefully considered.  Call or email after browsing the selection.  Stan will quote you an excellent price and back that up with expert advice.
As the largest, privately owned hearth products and gas grill manufacturer in North America, we welcome you to experience the line-up of Napoleon wood, gas and electric fireplaces, inserts and stoves. Click logo at right to see Napoleon's entire line of products.
Click here for pricing & to schedule a chimney cleaning or a safety inspection.
ChimneySAVER offers a cost effective way option for chimney repair.
Click here for an exciting new service from Stan's. ChimneySAVER, a new cost effective way to complete most needed chimney repairs!
®  ChimneySAVER
Gelco Chimney Top
Lock-Top damper
 The Lock-Top Energy Saving Damper seals tightly to save you money

Lock-Top's rubber gasket seals tightly like a storm door for your fireplace, and keeps heating and cooling dollars where they should your home. 
Lock-Top mounts on top of your chimney to keep out animals and rain. 
Lock-Top easily operates from inside your firebox and seals tight every time you close it—eliminating any draft.

Bellfires logo: fireplace and chimney repair and restoration
Bellfires small logo
"Click on images above to get more information on" restoring your fireplace and chimney
logo for HomeSaver Chimney Reliner Systems
A chimney liner is a major investment, so you want a liner that is durable and strong and will give you the assurance that your home and family are safe and protected. You get all of this with HomeSaver. 

HomeSaver will restore and revitalize your chimney by putting stainless steel between your chimney flue and the defects in your chimney walls. This will add to the safety of your home and family. And it will increase the resale value of your home. 
Click here or above to go to the liner home page.

Lennox hearth products

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Stan's Fireplace and Chimney Service is Michigan's leading Fireplace and Chimney Professional Company. We specialize in fireplace and chimney cleaningchimney sweep services, fireplace and chimney inspection, fireplace and chimney repair, and installation.  Stan's offers complete service on all our products, including installation, maintenance and repair of wood and gas burning products.  

Serving Oakland, Genesee, and Livingston Counties since 1983.

Does Your Home have an Uncapped Chimney?

If your answer is yes, you need a Gelco Chimney Top. Why? 

That's simple! Your chimney is a hole in your roof! An uncapped chimney says "come on in, make yourself at home!" to nesting birds and animals. It allows rain and snow to enter your chimney, which leads to moisture damage and expensive chimney repairs.  It also creates a fire hazard as burning embers and sparks escape through the open chimney and land on your roof or in your yard. 

Protect your home with a Gelco Chimney Top!

WHAT IS ALL-FUEL? A system designed and built to exhaust wood, coal, oil, or gas fired low heat residential appliances. These systems are commonly called a "Class A chimney" or a "Factory built chimney". These are mainly used on free standing stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces. This product comes in double wall construction. This type of system is listed to UL 103, UL 103HT, ULC S629, or ULC S604.for venting solid-fuel, oil, gas and coal appliances.
More than you can imagine for your fireplace, gas and woodburning service, accessories and more!
As you can see from our vast amount of products -- we are chimney experts. Whether you need a good chimney cleaning, chimney repair, a new modern fireplace, or a chimney sweep we have got you covered!
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